Student Spotlight: Anugrah Mathew

By Laura Studley

As a determined and optimistic Colorado State University graduate Anugrah Mathew (B.S., ’20) forged an opportunity for success during his time as a student worker.

With a double major in both chemical and biomedical engineering, Mathew is hopeful looking toward his future, with the intent to work with an engineering consulting company.

For almost five years, Mathew took great pride and care in his work with Library Technology Services. Through his assistance and knowledge, Mathew has provided technical support countless times.

“When people ask for support, it could be anything,” Mathew said. “It could be, ‘my monitor is not working’ or a really complex software issue; so, each day, it’s something new.”

Despite starting with minimal prior knowledge of technical support and computers, he quickly rose to the challenge, learning and researching everything he could to get the job done.

Mathew faced help requests head-on, even when he didn’t always know the answer.

Now, after nearly five years of problem-solving, Mathew is confident in his ability to start his career.

Getting results has always been a core motivation for Mathew. Working on projects from start to finish has proven to be rewarding in both his major and his job.

“I was motivated by the challenge of the projects and also by rectifying issues that were impeding processes,” Mathew said. “By working closely with my supervisors and the staff, I ensured that all goals were either met or surpassed.”

Mathew found it easy to balance work, school, and social life due to the relationships and connections he made during his time as a student employee, comparing his coworkers to family and the Morgan Library, to his second home.

“Working with LTS, I was able to interact with almost all of the full-time staff at the Morgan Library, and that allowed for many meaningful interactions,” Mathew said. “The conversations in the hallways with staff members are something that I always cherished and will continue to do so when I look back at my time at CSU.”

You Can Help Student Workers Succeed by Giving

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